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About VisionEngineering

Respected by scientists, engineers and technicians across the globe, Vision Engineering Ltd is a true British success story. From our foundation in 1958, we have grown to become the world’s leading ergonomic microscopy company, designing and manufacturing high quality microscopes, digital instruments, and inspection and non-contact measuring systems.

Today, over 90% of our products are exported around the world. Our success comes from a culture of innovation, quality and ergonomic design.

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Creative innovation

Protected by world patents, our unique eyepiece-less optical technologies – which remove the need for conventional binocular microscope eyepieces – are changing the way people work, through industry-leading ergonomic design.

An unswerving commitment to quality

Everything we do starts and ends with quality. It is our mission; it is our passion. That’s why everyone on the team is empowered and motivated to support our aim of excellence in all we do.

Wherever you look, from our supply chain, right through to the final stages of manufacturing, and beyond to after-sales care, you’ll find everything we do is governed by carefully managed procedures, which are continually evaluated, enhanced and documented.

Advanced ergonomics for operator comfort

If you’re going to use a piece of equipment, perhaps for hours every day, you need to be certain it’s designed and built for comfort and ease of use: a principle which is built into the design of every microscope and measuring system we make.

Good ergonomic qualities are essential. By making sure the product is comfortable and easy to use, we reduce operator discomfort and fatigue, promoting efficiency and enhancing productivity. And because our patented microscope viewing heads let operators sit back from the viewing screen, they can adopt a natural, stress-free posture.

Operator comfort for greater productivity

One of the most important benefits of our eyepiece-less optical technology is operators don’t need to align their eyes precisely with the eyepieces. This means muscles stay relaxed, eliminating the discomfort associated with long sessions with a conventional microscope. Plus, there is no exposure to intense light: a leading cause of eye fatigue. Instead users sit back in comfort, allowing ambient light into their eyes. And if operators wear glasses, they don’t even need to tale them off.

Easy hand-eye-co-ordination

When it comes to re-work, repair, dissection and other manipulation tasks, hand-eye co-ordination is essential. With traditional microscopes, that’s a challenge. But with our award-winning range of digital 3D stereo microscopes, it’s easy.

Global presence. Local service

You’ll find our people in offices across North America, Central America, UK, Europe and Asia, working directly to support you and through a fully trained global distribution network. Together, we’re bringing the best of British inspection and measurement products to some of the world’s best-known brands.

Turning your ideas into reality

If you want the technology inside our award-winning microscopes and measurement systems, rather than the complete and finished product, we’d love to hear from you. Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services offers comprehensive contract manufacturing, design and commercialisation packages, giving you access to the very latest technology, supported by a team of experienced designers and engineers.

Whether it’s design, prototyping, manufacture, assembly, logistics or all five, we can share more than six decades of experience in the design, development and exploitation of hi-tech products.

One team for everything

A dedicated project management team will be assigned to you to coordinate all your requirements, from bespoke prototypes through to mass production projects, and all aspects of purchasing, shipping and even marketing.

State of the art machine shop

You can trust in our technology, capacity and capabilities. Vision Engineering continues to invest in advanced manufacturing facilities with modern milling and turning technology, along with paint shops and assembly shops. We ensure full traceability, managed through our ERP system, including where materials are sourced, where they’ve been used, and what processes they’ve gone through.