MANTIS Classic
Ergonomic. Versatile. Productive.

Mantis is an award-winning range of ergonomic 3D stereo microscopes which offer exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging. No awkward eyepieces and no hunched posture, operators can increase productivity through a stress-free viewing experience, seeing more and doing more than is possible with conventional microscopes.


The unmatched ergonomic design of Mantis allows your eyes and hands to work together naturally to reduce operator fatigue and eye strain. Less discomfort leads to improved efficiency and greater productivity even over longer sessions. Enhanced depth perception and access to peripheral vision mean easier working with tools and subjects. You can even use Mantis stereo microscope without taking your glasses off.




There’s a Mantis for any application where you would otherwise use a bench magnifier or traditional stereo microscope. Designed for accuracy in the industrial workplace, Mantis is ideal for quality inspection of assemblies, repairs and reworks, sample preparation, dissection and more. Mantis is the 3D stereo microscope of choice for industries including aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and manufacturing. If you need to magnify it, you need a Mantis.

  • 2 – 20x Magnification
  • Easy Viewing
  • HD Image Capture

Each of the Mantis eyepiece-less stereo microscopes not only provides superb 3D imaging, but also allows freedom of head movement which means that operators can view around the subject, instead of being restricted to a 2D, top-down, view. Use it for inspection, preparation and manipulation tasks, where easy hand-to-eye co-ordination is essential.

Configured for you

Mantis microscope works the way you want it to. Choose between the space-saving universal stand (pictured), a high-stability bench stand, an articulated arm stand for extended reach, or the floor stand for inspecting immobile objects.

Image and video capture capability

Mantis Elite-Cam HD stereo microscope features an integrated HD camera, with versatile ViCapture image and video capture software, plus the ability to add annotations to captured images. A range of powerful software packages provide on-screen dimensioning, enhancement and documentation and analysis tools. (ViFox, ViPlus, DimensionOne)

Smooth and sensitive control

Used with a bench stand, the floating stage gives smooth yet sensitive control to reduce the handling of delicate samples.

Switchable illumination

Switch as needed between UV and white light (Mantis Elite and Mantis Elite Cam HD) for fast, accurate fault detection. Optional quadrant illumination and dual dimming control.

Bore hole inspection

The microscope episcopic illuminator provides through-the-lens illumination for the inspection of boreholes and complex features, aided by precise iris adjustment for accurate lighting control.


Mantis stereo microscope is ideal for a wide range of precision engineering applications including electronics and PCBs, aerospace and automotive components, medical and dental, hair restoration, agriculture, education, restoration, repair and engraving, forensics and much more.

Straightforward documentation and image archiving

Quickly create report templates to match your measurement routines and generate reports including images data and user ID, in easily exportable formats.

Precision engineering

The clear views and low operator fatigue made possible by Mantis makes it perfect for inspecting components for defects.


Bright imaging and ease of use makes Mantis a great choice for the inspection of stents, catheters and other medical products.


Improved hand-eye coordination and low operator fatigue makes jobs such as soldering, PCB inspection and reworks easy, even over extended periods.

Laboratories and life sciences

High-concentration applications which require long periods of intense concentration, such as sample preparation, dissection and manipulation can be performed in comfort. Safety glasses can be worn and Mantis microscope can even be used in a laminar flow cabinet.

Plastics and rubber

Mantis makes the quality control of rubber seals and plastic components – and inspection and rework, such as the removal of flash and other injection molding defects – easier and quicker.


Mantis is a good choice for precision work such as tailoring dental prosthetics which requires magnification for inspecting the moles, for rework and color-matching the final product.

Mantis Elite

A superior field of view, quick-change lens turret, and up to 20x magnification, makes this an ideal 3D stereo microscope for viewing and manipulation applications.

Mantis Elite-Cam HD

Featuring an integrated high-definition camera, complete with video and image capture, annotation, display of custom overlays, and optional on-screen dimensioning software.

Mantis Compact

Ideal for viewing and manipulation applications, where operator comfort and a low magnification range (up to 8x) is needed. A UV version is also available.