Cam Beta
Hand held digital magnifier

Cam Beta

  • Magnification up to 20x
  • Store up to 20,000 photos
  • Highly versatile & portable design
  • Large 4.3” colour display
  • Simple to operate
  • Live view via HDMI output
  • Optics and illumination optimised for close subjects.

High definition digital microscopes


  • 30:1 optical zoom range with magnification up to 300x
  • Exceptional high resolution 1080p/60fps image quality
  • Effortlessly capture and record
  • Live video streaming
  • Large field of view and working distance
  • Stand and monitor options

VE Cam
Compact full HD digital microscope

VE Cam

  • Compact full HD digital microscope: minimises work space
  • High quality custom-made optics and an 8MP camera: high quality imaging for efficient inspection
  • Option for touchscreen control: ease of use and ease of access, saving time and effort
  • Wireless connectivity: monitor results without interrupting production
  • Stand-alone system: no PC required
  • Range of stand options: meets different application needs

Makrolite 4K
Ultra high definition 4K digital microscopes

Makrolite 4K

  • 20:1 optical zoom, magnification options from 3x to 330x, and rapidly interchangeable objectives
  • Inspection, magnification and measurement in 4K (UHD) resolution
  • Sharp real-time 4K video without image delay
  • Variety of stand options
  • Wide dynamic range: excellent for reflective subjects e.g. solder joints and electro polished surfaces, and subjects with low contrast or areas of shadow e.g. textured surfaces
  • Available in two configurations:
    • Console version: stand-alone system, console control of zoom and camera settings including 4 saveable presets
    • PC version: with software for camera control, measurement, annotation, report generation, data sharing and much more