Research Development

In the era of digital technology today, extensive research and development in the areas of electronics, appliances, IoT, Automobiles, testing and evaluation of components on ECUs aims to achieve high accuracy, best craftmanship and technology excellence.

ISC as a reputed solution provider in the test and measurement industry for over 25 years strives to meet the demands of scientists, engineers and developers of electronic products with instruments of superior quality and best value. We ensure smooth delivery and quality service support to all of our customers.

Debug and Analysis of Power requirements to determine the balance between battery life and function, IoT Power characterization with an Electronic load, Wireless sensor characterization are some of the important aspects in IoT development.

With the use of a large number of electronic control unit ECUs, communication and coordination between the control modules are vital in Automotive electronic design.

Oscilloscopes provide CAN and Flexray's trigger and decoding capabilities and Power analysis software to analyze drive modules and operating status and loss, helping engineers modify designs and improve drive efficiency.

Simulation of sensor changes and vehicle stimulated signal with Arbitrary waveform generators perfectly simulates what happens in real-world conditions. Monitoring of various parameters during vehicle operation, such as temperature, pressure, battery voltage etc. are made possible with Data Acquition system.

Complete system testing of RF technologies used in Automotive including RKE, TPMS and reverse radar systems are done with DSA spectrum Analyzers and also have EMC pre-compliance test solutions.