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Integrated Services provides a range of oscilloscope solutions, consisting of four groups including Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Analog Oscilloscopes, Real Time/Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, and Logic Analyzers.

Spectrum Analyzers

Ever since Integrated Services officially entered the RF field in 1999, our spectrum analyzer lineup has expanded steadily – now they are in the 3GHz range.

Signal Sources

In the world of Test and Measurement, Signal Sources are viewed as one of the major categories of instruments which produce reference signals for other devices. There is a great variety of signal types, such as digital, analog, modulation, noise, pulse, and so on.

Power Supplies

Integrated Services provides the most reliable and complete Power Supply lineup in the electronic T&M industry.

Basic T&M

Integrated Services basic test & measurement instruments can be divided into 4 groups, including Digital Multimeter, LCR Meter, Safety Tester, and Specific Application T&M Instruments.


In addition to provide complete electronic test and measurement instruments, Integrated Services also offers a variety of accessories to fulfill different types of testing needs.


GW INSTEK Test & Measurement Seminar - 2017

In every industry, we can see that the power of technology enriches lives. While new technological advances bring promises of greater efficiency, connectivity and speed, they require equally advanced test and measurement equipment to bring them to life.

Date : July 18, 2017
Location : Hotel Le-Meridien, Bangaluru

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